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Cypris Salon Release of Liability

I hereby release the owner (Janiece Olsen), its stylists, colorists, and employees, from any responsibility and/or liability concerning the application, processing, and/or consequences of the permanent chemical procedure of my hair.


I understand and give my consent to the following: 


  • Hair types and colors have varying effects from chemical treatments and I have been made aware of my responsibilities for disclosing important information to my stylist(s) and the possible effects in case a 

  • I have been informed of any other precautions such as wearing of jewelry and I was informed and recommended of not wearing any of it during treatment.     

  • I have made my stylist aware of all of the treatments I have had in the past three (3) months in order for them to assess the status of my hair and the process that they will make or recommend to me in order to achieve the results I desire.     

  • In order for me to achieve my desired results, I will have to be clear with my stylist of my desires and wishes for my hair. My stylist may give recommendations which I may adhere to, for which my stylist thinks or believe would be best for me. 


By signing the NDA form (linked below in "return to NDA"), I assume all risk of injury and harm resulting from the treatment activity specified herein and I agree to release, defend, indemnify, and forever discharge the owner from all liabilities, claims, damages, costs, and expenses, or any action due to loss, damage, injury, or death that might incur resulting from the chemical treatment.

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